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'The People's Awards' 

Great news! Regional Runner Up! January 2021 & January 2022

We are members of and regulated by The Association of Natural Burial Grounds (ANBG) who, each year, have 'The People's Awards' for The Best Natural Burial Grounds in the UK and we are absolutely thrilled to be awarded 'Runner Up' for the North of England 2021

These awards are different to any other kind of assessment of green cemeteries, they are not about how sustainable each site is, the facilities that are available or the way the land is managed; the People's Awards are all about the people involved, the level of service they provide, the personal touches and the impact that each natural burial ground manager has made on the famiies of those who they have helped to bury.

We would like to thank you all for the support you have given us during our first 18 months here at Tarn Moor It's very much appreciated

Reading all your wonderful feedback from the ANBG forms is so lovely and we are grateful to you families who take the time to fill them in.

Feedback Form Comments...

"It was just right - something very personal about it."

"Excellent level of customer care."

Beautiful setting, views and a peaceful feel."

I love the fact the site is a living, natural habitat."

"So many people attending the burial were very impressed with the beautiful, peaceful area."

"Becky was thoughtful and supportive throughout, easy to contact and very good at follow-up. She was there when we arrived and talked us through the process. She has a friendly, sympathetic style."


You can click on the images below for a direct link to both websites for the ANBG and The Natural Death Centre.

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North of Eng RU 2022_edited.png
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